JD the Emcee

111006_jlgphoto_7662 JD has been a working host and emcee for 14 years. JD says "I love my job!". His skills and experience makes no event is out of his league. JD can range from extremely high energy to simple elegant announcements and crowd control! He will manage your timeline and coordinate with your event planners, vendors, catering staff, photographers and videographers to ensure everyone is on the same page so you can sit back and enjoy your event! He has done weddings, Mitzvahs, birthday parties, corporate parties, carnivals, clubs the list goes on. JD is the "It" factor and he is ready to take your event to the next level!

Smashing Cate's school formal! #IdowhatIwant #stayfocused #JDtheGREAT @h2htpe

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